Q: Will we have access to the lessons and our journals and photos after the experiment is over?

A: Yes! Once you have finished your 30 day challenge, you can receive lifetime access to all the lessons and your journal entries in exchange for a one-time donation.  The donation can be as little as $5 and is to ensure that you are engaged (and to clear out any spammers). Make your one time donation and gain lifetime access here(If you would like to reset the emails in order to receive the daily emails again, you can go to the 'My Alcohol Experiment' tab and select the 'Start Date' and select the date you would like to start again.)  


Q: How do I get started? 

A: Please mouse over 'Start My Alcohol Experiment' in the top menu and click on 'Start Here'. You will be able to enter a start date and kick off your experiment! Make sure you click the button Start Now. 

Watch this short video on how to get started and to get an overview of the site.



Q: How do you enter your start date on the Mobile Site?  

A: The Mobile Site is a bit trickier than the PC site. We are working on developing Apps (both Android & iOs). The mobile site is still fully functional and you can watch this video to help you navigate the mobile site.


Q: What makes The Alcohol Experiment different than any other 30 Day Alcohol Free Challenge?

A: The Alcohol Experiment is based on the theory that we have cognitive dissonance, or disagreement, in our thinking around alcohol. We hold conflicting thoughts at the same time: that we want to drink and not drink, that we enjoy drinking but it also makes us feel bad so we don't enjoy drinking, that we need alcohol to relax and the thought that alcohol is bad for our health etc. etc.

The Alcohol Experiment is the only program that ends that disagreement through a methodical process (3Ds: Define // Deconstruct // Decide) of examining our beliefs. Learn more about the process in this video: 


Q: I haven't received a Day 1 email. Can you help?  

A: There are two things to check. First, have you selected your start date on the "Start Here" page? Please see the video above for more information on this.

Second, if you have started your Alcohol Experiment, have the emails gone to spam? Please add hello@alcoholexperiment.com to your contacts and safe list. If you have checked both these and are still not receiving emails please reach out to us at the above address and we will have a look. Thank you! 


Q: How can I change my start date? 

A: The Start Date tracks your progress through the Alcohol Experiment, and is linked to the emails you receive - it is not tracking the number of days you have gone alcohol-free. If you decide to restart your start date due to a slip up (which we do not require), you will go back to the beginning of the challenge and receive all the earlier emails in order. 

If you would like to change your start date, go to the 'Start Here' page and stop your experiment. Then start again with a new start date. This will reset your date, the lessons and your emails. 


Q: The badge showing my number of days is not visible. 

A: Please go into your profile information (under your profile picture in the top right corner of the site) and look for the the option "Hide my daily progress badge from my profile" at the bottom of your information. Make sure is is NOT checked. 


Q: Are the messages private?  

A: Yes, if you use the message tab the messages will be private. If you post on someone else's profile (without selecting "send a message"), the message will be public. 


Q: Why didn't my answers save in my daily journals (on the lesson pages)? 

A: You must submit/save each answer before moving on to the next question. Unfortunately, if you answer multiple questions at once (without submitting) only one will save. We are working to improve this. 


Q: How do I edit or delete a comment or journal entry?

A: Mouse over the top right corner of your comment and you'll see three vertical dots. Click on it and you'll have the option of editing or deleting your entry or comment. 


Q: Where are the chapters of your new book The Alcohol Experiment posted? 

A: The chapters are being delivered one per day in a mix of text and video content. Once you start your Alcohol Experiment, each day's lesson will appear under the "Start My Alcohol Experiment" tab. As soon as you begin, you will get the Day 1 email with a link to the new lesson. Every day after you will another email with a link to the new day's lesson. 


Q: Will we have access to our journals and photos after the experiment is over? 

A: Absolutely. The current plan is once the experiment is over we will be sending out a link where you will have the option to make a donation in exchange for lifetime access to your journals and all future experiments. The donation can be as little as $5 dollars and is just to ensure that you are engaged (and to clear out any spammers :). One of the benefits of joining as a beta-launch member will be the ability to have lifetime access (the site will have a nominal subscription fee for anyone joining after the beta launch).


Q: I am struggling and feel I need more help. Do you have any recommendations? 

A: Yes, please email us at hello@alcoholexperiment.com and we will send you a list of private coaches and other suggestions. 


Q: How is my privacy protected?  

A: Your email will never be shared or sold.  The administrator accounts use randomly generated passwords that are secured through a third-party softward (LastPass). The "Your Daily Journal" entries are only visible to the user and the administrator.  The "Public Comments" are visible to ayone who is logged into The Alcohol Experiment.  Anyone can sign up for The Alcohol Experiment. We monitor the site on a regular basis for accounts that are abusive or off topic and we disable those accounts and ban their IP address.  Another way to increase your personal security is to create a specific email address that will be used for this site only and using a pseudonym to ensure your personal privacy.  


Q: I have a question that was not answered here - where can I get help? 

A: Please email hello@alcoholexperiment.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.