About Us

About Us & Community Guidelines

Please read through these guidelines to learn about The Alcohol Experiment and how to use this site. 


We see a world where everyone who questions their drinking is supported and applauded - not made to feel shame or embarrassment. Where asking if life would be better with less booze is treated the same as quitting smoking, giving up sugar or cutting back on coffee.

Mission & Community Purpose

Our mission at The Alcohol Experiment is to allow anyone to experiment with the role of alcohol in their life by taking a 30-day alcohol free challenge.

We aim to facilitate a more mindful relationship with alcohol, and hope this community will facilitate discussions about the role of alcohol in our lives. Where people can share openly, honestly and without judgment.

We support all paths on this journey and - above all else - respect the fact that your relationship with alcohol is an individual path. While we aim to provide ancedotal and scientific education, we will never judge an individual's decision in regards to their own drinking. 

This group is meant to be a friendly, safe, honest and - best of all - fun place to talk about your hopes, inspirations, fears, regrets; anything that comes to mind.

Community Guidelines

We expect that all users will show the utmost respect for each other. This is a judgment-free zone!

We encourage honesty and open communication between our members and our mentors. Users may choose to be as anonymous or "real" as they like. 

We don't allow insults or defamation, affiliate links or other sales tactics, or general ill-will towards other users. Swear away if you must, but don't be rude. 

We never tolerate disrespect of members, mentors, or Alcohol Experiment staff. 

Reporting Violations: 

Please help keep this community a safe and supportive place. If you see violations of the above policies please report them to hello@alcoholexperiment.com. Thank you!